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Winter Vegetable Selection

10 plants of each Winter Vegetable variety (6 x 10).

Total 60 organic plants

Spring Cabbage ~ Duncan F1 x 10
Spring Cabbage ~ Sennen F1 x 10
Calabrese ~ Sibsey F1 x 10
Chard ~ Rainbow Mixed x 10
Perpetual Spinach x 10
Mustard ~ Giant Red x 10

The selection contains the following varieties:

Price: 18.00


Spring Cabbage ~ Duncan F1 (September)

Compact attractive habit, produces excellent greens and hearts.

"Best variety on the market for overwintering" says John Overvoorde (Delfland Nurseries Limited).

10 organic plants per pack.

Spring Cabbage ~ Sennen F1 (September)

When planted in September or early October, the crop will mature in May, producing a smooth round cabbage, ahead of spring planted round head types.

10 organic plants per pack.

Calabrese ~ Sibsey F1 (September)

Broccoli 'Sibsey' is a fabulous sweet stem broccoli, similar in appearance to Cima di rapa (Wild Broccoli). High in nutritional value, this tasty Calabrese fetches a high price in the supermarkets. The tender stems are so sweet that you can even eat them raw! Grow this variety in full sun where the sunlight gives flavour to the developing shoots which emerge above the foliage.

10 organic plants per pack.

Chard ~ Five Colour (September)

‘Five Colours’ produces a vibrant mix of very attractive coloured stems. Making an eye-catching crop to any garden, these can be harvested as both baby leaf and fully grown.

10 organic plants per pack.

Mustard ~ Giant Red (September)

Large 'savoy' leaves which are deep purple / red in colour. Pleasant mustard pungency. Use immature for salads.

10 organic plants per pack.

Perpetual Spinach (September)

Thin-stems, with fairly thick, smoothish leaves; up to 15 inches (38cm) height and spread; start picking when the leaves are about 3 inches (7.5cm) long.

10 organic plants per pack.