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Super Squashes

Super Squashes

The English word "squash" derives from askutasquash (a green thing eaten raw), a word from the Nanhigganeuck (Narragansett) Native American tribe of Rhode Island.

1 plant of the following varieties:

Squash ~ Harlequin F1
Squash ~ Harrier F1 (Winter Storage)
Squash ~ Orange Summer F1
Squash ~ Winter Sweet Sombra F1
Squash ~ Little Gem F1

Super Squashes Collection (Late May)

Price: 5.50


Collection consist of the following varieties:

Squash ~ Harlequin F1 (Late May)

Green-striped acorn squash with exceptionally sweet flesh.

Squash ~ Harrier F1 (Winter Storage) (Late May)

New smaller, earlier maturing butternut type.

Squash ~ Bright Summer F1 (Late May)

Orange fruit 0.5 - 1.2kg (1.1 - 2.6 lbs), good fruit setting; reliable variety; resistant to common viruses

Also available from late May Tender Varieties -

1 organic plants per pack.

Squash ~ Winter Sweet Sombra F1 (Late May)

Vigorous short vine variety with sweet orange flesh, flaky texture and good flavour; produces 3 or 4 fruit per plant approx. 1-2kg each, best eaten 2 and 5 months after harvest.

Squash ~ Little Gem Rolet F1 (Late May)

Cricket ball sized fruits with dark green skin, maturing in mid-August. Very productive.