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Super Squashes

Super Squashes

The English word "squash" derives from askutasquash (a green thing eaten raw), a word from the Nanhigganeuck (Narragansett) Native American tribe of Rhode Island.

1 plant of the following varieties:

Squash ~ Confection F1 (Cucurbita maxima)
Squash ~ Harlequin F1
Squash ~ Harrier (Winter Storage)
Squash ~ Orange Summer F1
Squash ~ Rolet

Super Squashes Collection (May)

Price: 7.00


Collection consist of the following varieties:

Squash ~ Confection F1 (Cucurbita maxima) (May)

A new variety similar to Crown Prince but smaller; producing about 3-4 fruits per plant; steel-grey skin with deep orange flesh; stores well: taste and texture goes on improving after harvest and within a few weeks the sweetness and texture are outstanding.

Squash ~ Harlequin F1 (May)

Green-striped acorn squash with exceptionally sweet flesh.

Squash ~ Harrier F1 (Winter Storage) (May)

New smaller, earlier maturing butternut type.

Squash ~ Orange Summer F1 (May)

F1 hybrid with more fruits per plant and slightly bigger fruits than Uchiki Kuri. Best onion squash in our garden in 2011. Bush habit rather than sprawling, so takes up less space. More resistant to mildew.

Also available from late May Tender Varieties - Squash ~ Orange Summer F1 (Late May)

1 organic plants per pack.

Squash ~ Rolet (May)

Leading variety of the flat-round, dark green, smaller edible squash types. The flesh is dark yellow and has a sweet, nutty taste; early maturity, very high yield.