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Winter Cauliflower programme

Winter Cauliflower programme

Cauliflowers are not the easiest vegetables to grow organically, although you are more likely to be successful with module grown plants like ours. They need a lot of space, high fertility (especially nitrogen) and plenty of moisture and will then reward you with beautiful tight, white curds. This selection is based on a continuity programme for commerical organic growers and should provide cauliflowers from February to June in most areas.

We are now offering this collection for delivery in July and August.


2 plants of each of the following varieties:

Winter Cauliflower ~ Alpionis F1
Winter Cauliflower ~ Chester F1
Winter Cauliflower ~ Isadora F1
Winter Cauliflower ~ Jerome F1
Winter Cauliflower ~ Medaillon F1

To order the collection, click on the month you require it below and for more information on these varieties towards the bottom of this page.

Winter Cauliflower programme (July)

Price: 5.25

Winter Cauliflower programme (August)

Price: 5.25

Collection consist of the following varieties:

Cauliflower ~ Alpionis F1 (Winter)

Very late winter variety maturing in late May in Lincolnshire from an early August planting; very dense curds; dark leaf with excellent curd cover and good frost tolerance.

2 organic plants per pack.

Cauliflower ~ Chester F1 (Winter)

Good vigour, for late May cropping.
2 organic plants per pack.

Cauliflower ~ Isadora F1  (Winter)

Winter cauliflower with a good, upright habit. It is vigorous with a well-protected curd but opening up at harvest.
Suitable for pre-pack. Maturity between Fredor and Jerome in early April in Lincolnshire.

2 organic plants per pack.

Cauliflower ~ Jerome F1 (Winter)

Consistent performer which produces solid, well-wrapped curds.

2 organic plants per pack.

Cauliflower ~ Medaillon F1 (Winter)

A compact habit, offering good curd protection; will grow well in most areas; deep, white curds; matures February in most areas.
Very good quality curd. For March harvest under most conditions.
2 organic plants per pack.