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Carrot Seeds

Carrot ~ Autumn King  (organic seed)

A firm favourite for many years; high yields of large, stump-rooted carrots with good colour and flavour; can be left in the ground in most winters and pulled as required.

Maincrop. 400 seeds.

Price: 1.70


Carrot ~ Early Nantes (organic seed)

The favourite for successional sowing; vigorous grower with 16cm (6") long, cylindrical with blunt-ended roots with superb flavour and colour for mid-season use.

500 seeds

Price: 1.50


Carrot ~ Flyaway F1 (organic seed)

The first variety to have tolerance to carrot fly.

300 seeds.

Price: 2.05


Carrot ~ James' Scarlet Intermediate (untreated seed)

Reliable old favourite for maincrop & exhibition. Broad-shouldered, deep orange, tapered roots with a great flavour.

2,000 seeds!

Price: 1.40


Carrot ~ Mixed (untreated seed)

A mixture of purple, orange and yellow carrots to add colour to salads or cooked meals;

500 seeds

Price: 2.35