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Grafted Heritage Tomato Collection

Garden Organic's Heritage Tomato Collection

Garden Organic's Heritage Seed Library aims to conserve and make available vegetable varieties that are not widely available. The Heritage Seed Library maintains a rare collection of mainly European vegetable varieties. Over the decades many varieties have been dropped from popular seed catalogues. Garden Organic's heritage collection contains many of these, as well as some landraces and a large number of family heirloom varieties that have never been in a catalogue.

We graft over 350,000 plants per year at Delfland and we were the first to offer grafted tomatoes to gardeners via mail order in 2005.

Our advice is that grafted plants are worth the extra cost if you grow your plants in the soil in the same place in the greenhouse every year, as this can lead to a build up of soil-borne diseases. We use a tomato rootstock that has high resistance to tomato mosaic virus (TMV), fusarium, corky root rot, verticillium and nematodes, though the latter are not usually a problem in the UK. Grafted plants are more vigorous leading to earlier and higher yields, and the majority of commercial tomatoes are now grafted.

We have put together a special collection of tomatoes from the Heritage Seed Library for growing both in a greenhouse and outside. The plants will be grown and packed by Delfland Nurseries for Garden Organic.

2.23 from every pack sold will go towards supporting Garden Organic's work.

Delivery for this collection will be ~ April, and early May,.


1 plant of the following varieties:

  • Tomato "Darby Pink-Yellow"
  • Tomato "Pink Plum"
  • Tomato "Small Pear Shape"
  • Tomato "Sundrop"
  • Tomato "Vince"
  • Tomato "Wladeck's"

More information available on these varieties towards the bottom of the page.