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Courgette Collection

Courgette Collection

1 plant of the following varieties:

Courgettes ~ Green Tiger F1
Courgettes ~ Romanesco
Courgettes ~ Satellite F1
Courgettes ~ Sunstripe F1
Squash ~ Sunburst F1

Courgette Collection (Late May)

Courgette Collection (Late May)

Price: 5.50

Collection consist of the following varieties:

Courgettes ~ Green Tiger F1 (Late May)

Beautifully marked green striped variety; upright, open growth.

Courgettes ~ Romanesco (Late May)

Fruit is cylindrical with pronounced ribbing; can be harvested with the flower attached; compact and erect plant habit; very productive.

Courgettes ~ Satellite F1 (Late May)

Dark green variety with round and uniform fruits.

Image supplied by Gautier

Courgettes ~ Sunstripe F1 (Late May)

Wonderfully vibrant golden yellow striped tasty fruits; plants have a bush habit and gold marking on the leaves; high-yielding with great flavour and texture.

Summer Squash ~ Sunburst F1 (Late May)

A scalloped-edge 'patty-pan' type producing attractive, golden-yellow fruit; delicious flavour when steamed.