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Wild Rocket ~ Dragon's Tongue (October)

1. Wild Rocket ~ Dragon's Tongue (October)

A new wild rocket with intense purple veins - great flavour.

5 organic plants per pack.

Price: 2.00

Bunching Onion ~ Matrix (was 08-527) (November)

2. Bunching Onion ~ Matrix (was 08-527) (November)

Winter-hardy spring onion with slight bulb swelling; resistant to fusarium basal rot and pink root (phoma). Very vigorous growth with dark green robust foliage; resistant to bolting.

5 modules, approximately 6 organic plants per module.
30 organic plants per pack.

Price: 2.00

Overwintering Japanese onion ~ Tough Ball (November)

3. Overwintering Japanese onion ~ Tough Ball (November)

Overwintering ‘Japanese’ onions which mature from the end of June next year. They start to ‘bulb up’ from May, so if you’re short of an onion you can go and pull one while the tops are still green.

5 modules, approximately 4 organic plants per module.
20 organic plants per pack.

Total Price: £2.00 (Including VAT at 0%)

Price: 2.00

Cabbage ~ Wheeler's Imperial (Spring) (November)

4. Cabbage ~ Wheeler's Imperial (Spring) (November)

This is a heritage variety that my father remembers growing in the 1930's though it dates from at least 1844. A famous strain of this variety was sold by George Wheeler of Warminster, Wiltshire, a few miles from Dad's home in Devizes. Dad and I spotted the advertisement in Devizes Museum.

Wheelers gained an international reputation for this cabbage variety. The packets had a red wax seal, to prove that they were the genuine Wheeler's strain.

It is a classic pointed Spring cabbage, quite compact, so you can plant them a foot apart, harvest every other one for Spring greens, leaving the rest to form heads. 

5 organic plants per pack.

Price: 2.00

Mustard ~ Ruby Streaks (November)

5. Mustard ~ Ruby Streaks (November)

Deeply serrated attractive red mustard.

5 organic plants per pack.

Price: 2.00