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Wild Rocket ~ Dragon's Tongue (October)

1. Wild Rocket ~ Dragon's Tongue (October)

A new wild rocket with intense purple veins - great flavour.

5 organic plants per pack.

Price: 2.00


Overwintering Japanese onion ~ Tough Ball (October)

2. Overwintering Japanese onion ~ Tough Ball (October)

Overwintering ‘Japanese’ onions which mature from the end of June next year. They start to ‘bulb up’ from May, so if you’re short of an onion you can go and pull one while the tops are still green.

5 modules, approximately 4 organic plants per module.
20 organic plants per pack.

Total Price: £2.00 (Including VAT at 0%)

Price: 2.00


Chard ~ Rainbow Mixed (October)

3. Chard ~ Rainbow Mixed (October)

A mixture of colours including white, cream, yellow, orange, pink and red.
Harvest from November through to Spring.

10 organic plants per pack.

Mustard ~ Giant Red (October)

4. Mustard ~ Giant Red (October)

Large 'savoy' leaves which are deep purple / red in colour. Pleasant mustard pungency. Use immature for salads.

10 organic plants per pack.

Perpetual Spinach (October)

5. Perpetual Spinach (October)

Thin-stems, with fairly thick, smoothish leaves; up to 15 inches (38cm) height and spread; start picking when the leaves are about 3 inches (7.5cm) long.

10 organic plants per pack.