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New Products

Basil ~ Lime (June)

1. Basil ~ Lime (June)

Very similar to lemon basil, but with the distinct aroma of lime. Dark green, small leaves give a delightful citrus flavour to fish and salads. Height 45cm.

5 organic plants per pack.

Price: 2.00

Small Mixed Salad Collection (June)

2. Small Mixed Salad Collection (June)

2 plants of each cut & come again salad varieties (6 x 2)

As we are so very busy, these plants will not have individual labels.

Lettuce ~ Cocarde x 2
Lettuce ~ Lollo Biondi x 2
Lettuce ~ Lollo Rossa x 2
Lettuce ~ Red Salad Bowl x 2
Lettuce ~ Green Salad Bowl x 2
Rocket ~ Wild x 2

Total 12 organic plants.

Price: 7.50

Lockdown Lucky Dip (Late May)

3. Lockdown Lucky Dip (Late May)

Available for delivery in the second half of May ~

1 X Shirley - standard-sized red tomato*
2 X cherry tomatoes*
1 X Passandra cucumber
1 X Bendigo sweet pepper

5 organic plants for £5.75

*one each of Shirley, Sakura (red), Sungold (orange) whilst stocks last, then according to what's left.

Price: 5.75


Courgettes & Squash Collection (Late May)

4. Courgettes & Squash Collection (Late May)

Available for delivery in the first half of May ~

1 plant of the following varieties:

Courgettes ~ Green Tiger F1
Courgettes ~ Sunstripe F1
Winter Squash ~ Bright Summer F1

Price: 3.00