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Purple sprouting broccoli ~ Red Fire (August)

1. Purple sprouting broccoli ~ Red Fire (August)

Bushy plants produce large, tasty purple spears; start to harvest in April from an August planting.

5 organic plants per pack.

Price: 2.00

Sarpo Mira organic seed potato (February)

2. Sarpo Mira organic seed potato (February)

Sarpo Mira is one of the varieties developed by the Sárvári family Hungary who have been breeding potatoes for high natural resistance to late blight for over 40 years (without using GM technology).

Good all-rounder: bake, chip, mash, roast
Suitable for harsh conditions
Drought tolerant and very high-yielding
Tall, weed smothering foliage with the highest blight resistance
Perfect for gardens with more space

Which? Best buy for blight resistance potatoes

Price: (1 item) 3.25
Price: (2 to 3 items) 3.00
Price: (4 or more items) 2.70

Plus postage and packing.

Total Price: 3.25


+ Postage

AGRALAN Enviromesh GIANT 3.66m x 6.00m

3. AGRALAN Enviromesh GIANT 3.66m x 6.00m

Fine mesh netting which protects against carrot fly, cabbage root fly, caterpillars, birds, rabbits, wind & hail.
Very strong, lasts for years.

Size: 3.66 x 6.00m

Price: 36.98 (Including VAT at 20%)


+ Postage for sundries (in 250 g units)

Garlic ~ Germidour (November)

4. Garlic ~ Germidour (November)

A well-known and reliable very early variety. It comes from French production but is well suited to UK growing conditions. This softneck* garlic has a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit and produces purple bulbs with a mild yet rich flavour.

Price: 2.00