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Large Collection (mixed varieties, 60 plants)

10 of each variety - the selection contains the following varieties:

Price: 21.60 (Including VAT at 20%)

The selection pack consists of the following varieties:

Borage (Late May)

Blue star-shaped flowers from early Summer to the first frosts; wonderful for bees; flowers and leaves can be used in Pimms; self-seeds freely; height 60cm.

10 organic plants per pack.

Calendula  ~ Daisy Mix* (Late May)

Single flowers in many shades from cream through to deep orange from May to Autumn: attractive to beneficial insects.

10 organic plants per pack.

Cosmos ~ Sonata Mixed (Late May)

Very free-flowering; mixture of pinks, carmine and white; height 60cm

10 organic plants per pack.

French Marigold (Tagetes Patula) ~ Disco Series (Late May)

Early-flowering single blooms; excellent rain tolerance; reputed to repel whitefly.
Height 25-20cm

10 organic plants per pack.

Nasturtium ~ Tip-Top Mix (Late May)

Brightly-coloured single 6cm (2½in) flowers are held well above the foliage on compact, tidy plants; quick-growing, robust and free flowering, even in poorer soils.

Height: 25cm/10in

10 organic plants per pack.

Zinnia ~ Profusion Mix (Late May)

Dwarf, vigorous habit; drought and disease tolerant; bloom continuously from early summer until frost; attract bees and butterflies; white, orange and scarlet shades; height (30-45cm).

10 organic plants per pack.