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Spicy Salad Collection

Winter Purslane (Claytonia) x 2
Chinese Mustard 'Golden Streaks' x 2
Chinese Mustard 'Ruby Streaks' x 2
Land Cress x 2
Mizuna 'Vitared' x 2
Wild Rocket 'Dragon's Tongue'

Total 12 organic plants.

Price: 7.50


Winter Purslane (Claytonia) (October)

Clump-forming plant about 8 inches (20cm) across. Leaves, stems and flowers are all edible - succulent with a mild flavour. Produces leaves for many weeks.

Chinese Mustard ~ Golden Streaks (October)

Compact attractive habit, produces excellent greens and hearts. Attractive, finely-dissected leaf with a hint of 'new potato taste' followed by a sweet mustard flavour. Adds variety and spice to mixed salad leaves.

"Best variety on the market for overwintering" says John Overvoorde (Delfland Nurseries Limited)

Chinese Mustard ~ Ruby Streaks (October)

Similar to Golden Streaks but a rich red colour; mild spicy mustard flavour.

Land Cress (October)

Flavour is very similar to watercress, though the leaves are coarser. Remains green all winter.
Similar in habit to water cress but does not require much water.Tasty addition to winter salads.

5 organic plants per pack.

Price: 2.00

Mizuna (October)

New leafy vegetable with a light peppery flavour; attractive red petioles.

2 organic plants per pack.

Wild Rocket ~ Dragon's Tongue (October)

A new wild rocket with intense purple veins - great flavour.

5 organic plants per pack.

Price: 2.00