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Large Allium Collection (April)

A range of alliums including brown & red-skinned bulb onions, shallots, Spring (salad) onions and an early leek variety for harvesting from Summer to early Autumn. The onions & shallots can be stored for use throughout the Winter.

Total 220 organic plants per pack (10 modules of each onion variety and 20 leeks).

Price: 18.00

The Large Collection consists of the following varieties:

Onions ~ Hylander F1- brown skinned (April)

Hylander is resistant to downy mildew and has mid-late maturity. Attractive brown globe-shaped bulbs are suitable for mid to long-term storage.
10 modules, approximately 4 plants per module.
40 organic plants per pack

Onions ~ Redspark - red skinned (April)

Deep, dark red colour.

5 modules, approximately 4 organic plants per module.

Price: 2.00

Shallots ~ Matador F1 (April)

Globe-shaped reddish-brown shallot; excellent skin quality.

10 modules, approximately 4 plants per module.

Spring (salad) Onions ~ Parade (April)

A very attractive salad onion, which does not bulb. The
leaves are strong, upright, and dark green in colour
10 modules, approximately 5 plants per module.
50 organic plants per pack.

Leeks ~ Pandora (April)

Early variety with long stems and upright leaves; vigorous growth and highly productive.

20 organic plants per pack.