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Autumn bedding still available ~ Adding colour to your Autumn.

Garlic back in stock (Germidour & Messidrome) ~ order garlic now.

October plants, we will start to dispatch these from 2nd October, it will include winter purslane, corn salad, land cress, lettuces, rocket, broccoli, cabbage, calabrese, chard, perpetual spinach, mustard, bunching onions and Japanese overwintered onions, (dispatch runs from 2nd to 25th October) ~ October plants, click here.

Purple sprouting broccoli programme

 Purple sprouting broccoli programme

Purple sprouting is the ultimate brassica: easy to grow, relatively hardy, excellent flavour, beautiful colour, subtle texture and 'cut & come again' growth pattern. It produces spears rather then a single head. If you also plant Bordeaux F1 from our June delivery you can have purple sprouting from November to May.

We are now offering this collection for delivery in July and August.


2 plant of the following varieties:

Broccoli - purple sprouting ~ Red Admiral F1
Broccoli - purple sprouting ~ Mendocino F1
Broccoli - purple sprouting ~ Claret F1
Broccoli - purple sprouting ~ Red Fire F1
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To order the collection, click on the month you require it below and for more information on these varieties towards the bottom of this page.

August Purple sprouting broccoli programme

Price: 6.50


Collection consist of the following varieties:

Broccoli (sprouting purple) ~ Claret F1

Large, vigorous plant producing heavy, good quality spears; harvest from late March to late May.

2 organic plants per pack.

Broccoli (sprouting purple) ~ Red Admiral F1

A vigorous hybrid variety which matures Dec/Jan; medium-sized, dark purple spears with an excellent flavour.

2 organic plants per pack.

Very uniform hybrid producing good yields of excellent quality spears. Follows Santee
and Rioja giving consistently high quality in this ‘early maincrop’ period.

2 organic plants per pack.

Broccoli (sprouting purple) ~ Red Fire F1

Similar to Red Head, but matures from early March.

2 organic plants per pack.