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We packing on Wednesday this week, the final dispatch for March will be on 29th March (March dispatch runs between 13th to 29th). This will include: beetroot, broad beans, cabbage, calabrese, cauliflower, peas, cut & come again salads, strawberries, tomatoes*, chillies*, sweet peppers* (*for heated greenhouses).To order March plants, click here.

New season Seed potatoes are available for 2017, order now.

Grafted Tomato Collection

Tomato Agro F1Tomato CaranTomato SakuraTomato SungoldTomato TigerellaTomato Velocity F1
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Grafted John's Tried and Tested Tomato Collection.


Made up of any following varieties:

  • Grafted Tomato ''Sungold F1''
  • Grafted Tomato "Sakura F1"
  • Grafted Tomato "Agro F1"
  • Grafted Tomato "Tigerella"
  • Grafted Tomato "Vialli F1"
  • Grafted Tomato "Velocity F1"
  • + Free postage

More information on these varieties see below.

March Grafted Tried and Tested Tomato Collection

Price: 18.50


April Grafted Tried and Tested Tomato Collection

Price: 18.50


Early May Grafted Tried and Tested Tomato Collection

Price: 18.50


Collection consist of the following varieties:

Tomato ~ Agro F1 (March)

Cylindrical-oblong San Marzano type; long harvest period. Fruit approx 90g and 30-40mm in diameter;
High resistance to Tomato Mosaic Virus, Fusarium wilt and Verticillium wilt.

Tomato ~ Sakura F1(March)

Small red cherry type.

Tomato ~ Sungold F1 (March)

Orange-yellow cherry type
Orange cherry-sized - winner of the Tastiest Tomato competition 2007.

Tomato ~ Tigerella (March)

Small classic type.
Distinctive red fruit with orange-yellow stripes; fine flavour and heavy cropper.

Tomato ~ Velocity F1 (March)

Beefsteak type.
Vigorous open plant with good endurance; performs well under a range of conditions;
Velocity produces large, dark-red fruits which have an excellent shelf life; average
fruit weight 220-240 grams; very high production; specially recomm

Mini-plum; high yield and good taste; high resistance to common tomato diseases.