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We packing on Wednesday this week, the final dispatch for March will be on 29th March (March dispatch runs between 13th to 29th). This will include: beetroot, broad beans, cabbage, calabrese, cauliflower, peas, cut & come again salads, strawberries, tomatoes*, chillies*, sweet peppers* (*for heated greenhouses).To order March plants, click here.

New season Seed potatoes are available for 2017, order now.

Garden Organic's Tomato Collection

Garden Organic's Heritage Tomato Collection

Exclusive offer these plants are only available from Delfland Nurseries.

Garden Organic's Heritage Seed Library aims to conserve and make available vegetable varieties that are not widely available. The Heritage Seed Library maintains a rare collection of mainly European vegetable varieties. Over the decades many varieties have been dropped from popular seed catalogues. Garden Organic's heritage collection contains many of these, as well as some landraces and a large number of family heirloom varieties that have never been in a catalogue.

We have put together a special collection of tomatoes from the Heritage Seed Library for growing both in a greenhouse and outside. The plants will be grown and packed by Delfland Nurseries for Garden Organic.

2.23 from every pack sold will go towards supporting Garden Organic's work.

Delivery for this collection will be ~ April, and early May,.


1 plant of the following varieties:

  • Tomato "Darby Pink-Yellow"
  • Tomato "Small Pear Shape"
  • Tomato "Stamford Ugly"
  • Tomato "Sundrop"
  • Tomato "Vince"
  • Tomato "Wladeck's"
  • + Free postage

Grafted Garden Organic's Heritage Tomato Collection is available.

More variety information below.


April Garden Organic's Heritage Tomato Collection


Price: 16.75


Early May Garden Organic's Heritage Tomato Collection


Price: 16.75

The way tomato varieties grow can be divided into three groups: "determinate", "indeterminate", or "semi-determinate".

Determinate are short and bushy (they are also known as bush varieties). They are about three feet (90 cm) tall and usually don't require support. Determinates provide lots of ripe tomatoes at once. They do not require 'stopping'. None of the varieties we sell is determinate.

Indeterminates (also known as cordon varieties) provide a continuous harvest from about mid-June (cherries) or early July (others) until first frost. This type produces side-shoots, which must be removed, and needs to be 'stopped' (have the growing point pinched out) in the first week of September for cherry tomatoes or early August for other varieties. In a commercial greenhouse, each tomato plant produces over 30 trusses and grows for up to 50 weeks (including propagation). The stems grow up to 15m long.

Semi-determinates Semi-determinates are in between and do not need side-shooting or stopping.

Tomato ~ Darby Pink-Yellow Striped

Indeterminate. Cordon. Saved seed from striped tomato fruit from the Glasshouse Crops Research Institute, Littlehampton. Do equally well in polytunnels, a cold greenhouse in pots and outside in a pot against a south-facing wall. Flavour is best when fruit are really ripe.

Tomato ~ Small Pear Shaped

Indeterminate. Cordon. This variety produces very vigorous plants, so may need support. The fruit are red and pear-shaped and can be picked right through until October.

Tomato ~ Wladeck's

Indeterminate. Cordon. Brought over from Poland after World War II by Wladeck Neitzgoda. This prolific variety can be grown outdoors or under glass. "Heavy trusses, which require ingenuity to support. Fruits are large and vari-sized beefsteak-type…the taste is a revelation - unsurpassed flavour and aroma."