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We have November plants finished for 2017.

Seed potatoes now available to order ~ Seed potatoes 2018, click here.

Plants for 2018 ~ we are working our planting programme, as soon as it is ready, we sill switch the varieties back on. If you want to receive an email when 2018 season is ready, follow this link ~ Email update for 2018.

Kale Collection

Kale Collection

Now available in July and August to help you plant around your holidays.

Kales (or Borecoles) are hardy brassicas - very useful because of their 'cut & come' habit. Easier to grow than most of the cabbage family, their attractive leaves make them very useful in potagers. They can be steamed, stir-fried or boiled with a small quantity of water.


2 plant of the following varieties:

Kale (Borecole) ~ Black Kale
Curly Kale (Borecole) ~ Redbor F1
Curly Kale (Borecole) ~ Red Russian
Curly Kale (Borecole) ~ Westland Winter
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More information on these varieties see below.

August Kale Collection

Price: 6.50


Collection consist of the following varieties:

Kale (Borecole) ~ Black Kale

A Winter hardy variety, similar to Nero di Toscano, but selected from open-pollinated stock for British growing conditions. Long, thin leaves with a Savoy-type blister
2 organic plants per pack

Kale (Borecole) ~ Redbor F1

Distinctive red, densely curled leaves for picking throughout the Winter and Spring.
2 organic plants per pack.

Not available for this pack

Kale (Borecole) ~ Red Russian

Serrated-leaf margins with deep purple veins: hardy and stands for a long time.
2 organic plants per pack.

Kale (Borecole) ~ Westland Winter

Large spreading plant habit with curled blue-green leaves. Winter hardy for cropping from October to February.
2 organic plants per pack.