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We packing on Wednesday this week, the final dispatch for March will be on 29th March (March dispatch runs between 13th to 29th). This will include: beetroot, broad beans, cabbage, calabrese, cauliflower, peas, cut & come again salads, strawberries, tomatoes*, chillies*, sweet peppers* (*for heated greenhouses).To order March plants, click here.

New season Seed potatoes are available for 2017, order now.

Radish seeds

Radishes ~ Black Spanish Long (Moolli Type) (untreated seed)

Long tapered roots with dark brown skin and pure white flesh. Can be left in the ground and harvested in winter or stored in dry sand in frost free shed.

Just a reminder that they need to be sown in July for winter cropping.

Price: 1.20


Radishes ~ Cherry Belle (organic seed)

Cherry-shaped and cherry coloured; crisp pure-white flesh which is slow to go pithy or woody; mild flavour - suitable for children. 500 seeds.

Price: 1.40


Radishes ~ China Rose (untreated seed)

hardy Winter variety; medium large oblong-shaped roots (up to 50cm); rose-pink skin and pure white flesh; good flavour - use fresh or stored - grate or slice raw or cook like turnips; produce edible seed pods in the second season. 250 seeds.

Price: 1.45


Radishes ~ French Breakfast (organic seed)

One of the most famous varieties. Long red roots with a white tip.

Approx 500 plants can be expected from each packet.

Untreated seed

Price: 1.55


Good traditional variety giving lovely round roots of bright red. Suitable for early cropping under cloches. Quick growing.

Approx 500 plants can be expected from each packet.

Untreated seed

March to September

Direct into seedbed in rows or broadcast over a small area

Should not be transplanted and unless sown very thickly does not require thinning.

Price: 1.05