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Final week for Late May plants, we will dispatch the final orders after Bank Holiday, it will included beans, courgettes, melon, pumpkin, squashes, sweetcorn, herbs, leek, strawberries (dispatch runs to 31st May), there is still time to order ~ Late May plants, click here.

Country Living Special offer, please find it here Country Living Special

Winter Salad

2 plants of each Winter Salad variety (6 x 2).
Total 12 organic plants.

Winter Purslane (Claytonia) x 2
Corn Salad (Lamb's Lettuce) x 2
Land Cress x 2
Lettuce ~ Winter Density x 2
Lettuce ~ Arctic King x 2
Rocket ~ Athena 1441 x 2

The selection contains the following varieties:

Price: 8.50