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July plants ~ we have extended the dispatch to 26th July, it will include the following beetroot, Savoy cabbage, calabrese, leek, salads, kales, sprouting broccolis, and cauliflowers, stock limited ~ July plants, click here.

August plants dispatch will start from the 31st July, it will include kales, sprouting broccolis, cauliflowers, Oriental vegetables, cut & come again salads (dispatch runs from 31st July to 16th August) ~ August plants, click here.

June Brassica Selection

Very early purple sprouting broccoli, Brussels sprouts, hardy Winter cabbages, calabrese, Summer cauliflowers. Harvests from August to April.
Total 70 organic plants including 10 Free plants.

The selection contains the following varieties:

Price: 16.00


Broccoli ~ Santee F1 (Very early purple sprouting) (June)

Early long-cropping variety; start to harvest in September from a June planting.

10 organic plants per pack.

Brussels Sprouts ~ Nautic F1 (June)

Vigorous variety, matures mid December but holds until February; sweet and pleasant taste.

10 organic plants per pack.

Cabbage ~ Deadon F1 (January King) (June)

A hybrid variety of this traditional type of cabbage with dark-green outer leaves. Deadon produces solid heads with a red tinge. Maturity approximately 110 days after transplanting.

10 organic plants per pack.

Cabbage ~ Stanton F1  (June)

A cross between Danish and Savoy cabbage, Stanton produces compact, dark green round heads. A vigorous variety with excellent standing ability and cold tolerance. Maturity approximately 130 days after transplanting.

10 organic plants per pack.

Cabbage ~ Buscaro F1 (Red) (June)

Autumn red with a very long field standing ability.

10 organic plants per pack.

Cauliflower ~ Graffiti (Purple) (June)

Deepest purple curds; perfect for adding colour to any summer or autumn dish; delicious and highly nutritious; good heat tolerance.

10 organic plants per pack.

Cauliflower ~ Romanesco Veronica F1 (June)

Romanesco type with lime-green 'pinnacles'.

10 organic plants per pack.