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March Brassica Selection

One pointed & one round green cabbage, calabrese and a cauliflower covering the harvest period from July to August plus Beetroot Jannis F1 which is an early variety.

Total 50 organic plants per pack.

Price: 16.00

Cabbage ~ Caraflex F1 (March)

A new pointed cabbage with a smooth, conical shape; sweet-tasting; matures approx. 75 days from planting.

10 organic plants per pack.

Cabbage ~ Elisa (March)

Elisa F1 is a first early cabbage maturing in 60-65 days from June to July. Elisa F1 has a bright colour and gives good results under fleece or plastic. Elisa F1 has a excellent sweet flavour. Elisa F1 can be used to produce mini heads.

10 organic plants per pack.

Calabrese ~ Iron Man F1 (March)

Vigorous variety with dome-shaped head. Produces side-shoots after the main head has been cut.

10 organic plants per pack.

Main season variety, maturing in 75 to 80 days from planting, with solid, smooth curds and excellent curd cover.

10 organic plants per pack.

Beetroot ~ Jannis (March)

An improved selection of Boltardy, which shows good resistance to bolting so it can be sown from March. Fine tasting globe shaped roots.

10 modules, approximately 4 organic plants per module, approximately 4