April Plants

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Organicplants Village Show 2011

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Organicplants video young hedgehog

Organicplants Virtual Village Show 2013

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Organicplants Virtual Village Show 2014

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Organic Plants Gallery 2013

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Organic Plants Gallery 2014

Organic Plants Gallery 2014

Essential Tools with Organicplants

Those of you just starting to grow your own vegetables may be wondering what tools you really need. These are my father's trusty collection. Some of them are over 80 years old and still have their original ash handles. So before you rush out to buy shiny new tools, ask around your family and friends to see if anyone has any spare items, or try local bygones shops or car boot sales. You can also look online, but it is crucial to get the feel of a tool before you buy it - is the handle the correct length and diameter or you? Does it feel right? Does it sound right? (hand-forged spades 'ring' when they are struck); how heavy is it? If you are small or not particularly strong, you can buy smaller versions of spades and forks usually described as 'border'.

Organicplants Virtual Village Show

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