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We have November plants finished for 2017.

Seed potatoes now available to order ~ Seed potatoes 2018, click here.

Plants for 2018 ~ we are working our planting programme, as soon as it is ready, we sill switch the varieties back on. If you want to receive an email when 2018 season is ready, follow this link ~ Email update for 2018.

Red Duke of York - 1kg bag - Conventional seed potato (February)

Red Duke of York - 1kg bag - Conventional seed potato (February)

First Early. Large oval red tubers

Red skins and creamy white flesh are produced from a fast growing plant. Used for colour in cooking
when the skins are left on the flesh itself has beautiful flavour when mashed with ample amounts of butter.
Planting dates: February to March

Harvest dates: Late May to July

Flesh colour: White

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