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We packing on Wednesday this week, the final dispatch for March will be on 29th March (March dispatch runs between 13th to 29th). This will include: beetroot, broad beans, cabbage, calabrese, cauliflower, peas, cut & come again salads, strawberries, tomatoes*, chillies*, sweet peppers* (*for heated greenhouses).To order March plants, click here.

New season Seed potatoes are available for 2017, order now.

Mini Oriental Pack (August)

2 plants of each oriental varieties (6 x 2).

Kaibroc Atlantis x 2
Komatsuna Samurai x 2
Mibuna x 2
Mizuna x 2
Pak Choi ~ Joi Choi F1 x 2
Pak Choi ~ Red F1 x 2

Total 12 organic plants.

Price: 8.50