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We are in the middle of August plants dispatch, it will include kales, sprouting broccolis, cauliflowers, Oriental vegetables, final dispatch will be on 23rd August ~ August plants, click here.

Horticultural Fleece 2.13m x 9.1m

Horticultural Fleece 2.13m x 9.1m

Widely used by commercial growers to protect the earliest plantings of celery, lettuce, etc. It will also speed up growth.
Useful for bedding plants, shrubs and early potatoes.
The fleece is 2.13m x 9.1m (19.4 sq m) (approximately 7 x 30 feet = 210 sq f

Price: 5.10 (Including VAT at 20%)


+ Postage for sundries (in 250 g units)