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Final week for Late May plants, we will dispatch the final orders after Bank Holiday, it will included beans, courgettes, melon, pumpkin, squashes, sweetcorn, herbs, leek, strawberries (dispatch runs to 31st May), there is still time to order ~ Late May plants, click here.

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Garlic ~ Flavor (allium sativum - softneck) (January)

Garlic ~ Flavor (allium sativum - softneck) (January)

Mid July Harvest,.
Spring planting. Softneck.
An Italian Pink type, that matures in late July. The white-skinned bulbs of Garlic 'Flavor' each contain 9 to 16 pretty pink cloves that will store for a long time once ripened.

January planting, will be dispatched at the end of January (can be planted from the end of December to March).

Approximately 8 -10 cloves per bulb (price per bulb). We aim to acheive 10 cloves per order which we may add additional bulbs to do this. Bulbs during the grading process may have had damaged cloves removed, standard practise to maintain the quality of the bulbs during storage.

Price: 2.75