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Special lettuce available in Early May ~ Brown Goldring ~ limited stock > to order Brown Goldring, click here.

We have switched April plants final dispatch on Wednesday.

Early May, we start the dispatch of plants from Early May next week (it runs from 24 April to 10 May) this includes globe artichoke, asparagus, beetroot, cardoons, celeriac, celery, chard, leek, salads, strawberries. To order Early May plants, click here.

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Conventional Shetland Black - 1kg bag - Conventional seed potato

Conventional Shetland Black - 1kg bag - Conventional seed potato

Maincrop - Netted dark blue skin and yellow flesh.

Around since at least the early 1920s when it was added to the Victorian collection. Medium to long oval tubers and dark skin make for interesting cooking opportunities. Flavour is good and the potatoes are easily baked, crisped, chipped and roasted.

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